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This is a Relationship post for the character Norma Beatty from the game Tales of Legendia.


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Character Name: Norma Beatty
Series: Tales of Legendia
Canon Point: After Moses' Character Quest, when they release Giet into the Quiet Lands.
Summary/History: Here!
Personality: Norma is definitely the noisiest of the party, always talking and forcing her way into conversations, even when it’s not exactly her place to do so. She’s extremely cheerful, and can’t stand it when people are glum – doing all she can to make people smile, laughs, and lift their spirits. She’s taken it upon herself to be the morale booster of the party, and even says so herself in game, during a character quest. She usually accomplishes this by making witty jokes, usually with Grune, about people in the party, herself, or the situation in general. This has earned her, and Grune by default, the status of being involved in the “Laugh Brigade” by Jay, which she seems unbothered by. She enjoys making people laugh, and making jokes, and will even poke fun of herself at times to get even a chuckle out of someone.

Though Norma may seem like just a barrel of laughs, she’s actually quite insightful and intelligent, more so than she lets on. It’s revealed during her character quest that she’s the only Orereines that can read and translate Relares, an ancient language of the Ferines, to an expert level. These Relares writings are what pinpoint the exact location of the Everlight - a mystical treasure said to grant any wish the one who finds it makes upon it. She dedicated years to following in the footsteps of her master, Sven, to help achieve his goal of finding the Everlight, and making a wish upon it. She ran away from her home to pursue this goal, after he passed away on his quest seeking the fabled trasure. This shows that she’s extremely dedicated, has a will of steel, and a resolve to match all that. Once Norma’s mind is made, it’s very difficult to get her to change that decision. Norma’s fierce in defending her dreams, and those of the ones she cares for.

As seen with her conversations with Zamaran, she’ll defend her ideals and usually get more spurred on to continue them if they're combatted. She dislikes Zamaran quite a bit because he insults and ridicules her, but in the end of her character quest, it’s revealed that her wish was o restore his eyesight, the dream shared by herself and her master, Sven, showing that she has a close bond with him as the teacher of her teacher, despite their misgivings.

Norma is also extremely hotheaded, and bold, and won’t hesitate to go rushing into things, even when those things could be potentially deadly as well. This may be attributed to her stubbornness and determination to achieve her goal, at any cost, sometimes stepping over people in the process. Her usual saying when heading off into a serious battle is always “charge!” and she says it with a big grin. She’s brave, but foolish, and that rambunctious attitude has gotten her into very tight spots throughout the entire game – one instance putting her life at serious risk.

Now that Norma’s found the Everlight, she’s content to just spend time on the Legacy with her friends, all of whom she has fondly nicknamed. All of them...and literally everyone else she meets. Period. Norma is known for giving people nicknames, and has even given a few somewhat minor characters in the game nicknames as well as the main party. This doesn’t mean that Norma’s immune to nicknames herself, though! She’s often referred to as “Bubbles” by Moses, because of her bubbly personality. She doesn’t seem to mind at all, and even replies to the nickname. So long as it’s not insulting, she’s fine by it. If you do happen to insult her, though, watch out. Norma’s got one heck of a temper, and it doesn’t take much to set her off, which is something you don’t want to do.
Powers/Abilities: Physical:
Norma is an eren, meaning she’s a magic user. She’s perhaps one of the most versatile magic users in the entire game as well, because of the fact that she can use elemental spells, healing spells, and buff/debuff spells. Crystal erens are healers, and Norma is the most potent healer of the party, even being able to call fallen members of the party back to life (this will be dimmed down to keeping a character on the brink of death alive long enough to administer actual live-saving medical support/healing). Norma was also given a very special power - called Sacred Eres in her game canon. This is basically the equivalent of a Mystic Arte/Special Attack. By getting struck continuously by an enemy, Norma enters what is called the Overlimit, where her body basically releases a big burst of energy outward, and her overall magical abilities are increased. In Overlimit, her speed is increased, and she can cast high-level spells much faster than normal. She also can cast her strongest magical attack in this state - Originate Blaze. This is the only way Norma can cast this spell, and it takes all of her MP to do it.

She also has the ability to do combo attacks, probably with others of the Tales of franchise, but that can be worked out in the game setting ICly and slowly with CR build up.

She’s also rather fleet-footed, and can run away like a speeding bullet when things get too hot to handle, which…happens quite a bit with her knack of getting into trouble. Norma also has an uncanny ability of being able to activate switches and machines with a good, well aimed kick. Though this may be useless in the game setting, it's been proven that she’s got a gift for turning on otherwise decrepit machines in the Quiet Lands’ elemental monuments with just a hard jab of her boot. The party even relied on her to activate the other monuments after continual success with this method. Hey, if the method works, don't contest it, right? And who knows, maybe a well aimed kick will come in handle to solve a puzzle!

It may not seem like it from first looking at her, but Norma is extremely intelligent. She’s among the only person, besides the Ferines, that can properly translate Relares and has worked on her own for years to be able to achieve that level of knowledge. This also shows that she’s determined. Instead of simply asking Shirley to translate the symbols in her journal for her, Norma endured the hours and even days of mental strain to do it on her own, by the power of her will and belief alone. She wants to show the world that her and her teacher’s dream is not just some myth, and will do anything it takes to do just that. Norma’s will and her belief is unshakeable, and like stated above, it’s extremely difficult to change her view once her mind is set on something.
Items on your character:
Her game canon clothes as well as a spare - which is her formal outfit in game canon. She's also coming with her journal filled to the brim with Relares translations and notes, a few healing gels (think like flavored, medicinal gummies), and of course...the Everlight fragment, her prized possession.
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[Waking was like bursting through a veil of frigid water. Gasping and jerking into a sitting position, Norma casts her bleary gaze left and right quickly, half expecting to see herself surrounded by ash, blood and cultist soldiers. Her chest burns with her quick movements (as well as other parts of her aching body) and her fist clutches the middle of it, digging her fingers painfully into the fabric of her clothes.

With each breath, Norma tries to get a grip on what happened and where she is. The air isn't thick with smoke and ash and the smell of decay like she remembered being in. Truth be told, the air now was fresh, crisp, fragrant... Pushing her hair from her face and just forcing herself into a calm state, she finally manages to make sense of where she was.

It was the Memory Garden. Snorting at the irony, Norma tries to get up, wincing at the cracks and pops of her stiff muscles and sore bones. She really does feel like she just came back from the dead... And as she thinks back on the memories right before it happened, her fingers brush insistently into her clothes, searching for any sort of bullet holes or marks that would give away what really happened. The others may or may not know...and she isn't sure she even wantsto tell them. Norma knows she has to, eventually, but she can't bring herself to even think of going home right now. So, as she gropes around, she finds her journal and shoves it under one arm without even thinking. Her mind's working automatically right now.

So, instead, she drags herself to the bar (it was the closest establishment, and the first she could think of), enters through the back, and just...collapses in a heap in one corner, head in her hands and tears welling up in her eyes. She can taste something sour in her mouth and idly wonders if she's going to throw up - wouldn't that be fun to explain to whoever finds her here - but thankfully the contents in her stomach remain there. But her ears are ringing and her head is a mess of thoughts and memories and fears. She died. It finally happened and she really died in Luceti. She got shot and died and now here she is again. Who knew? Would she have to come clean to her housemates? To Grune? To Sophie?

...No, Sophie shouldn't know. She has to bite her tongue and hope to high heaven nothing was told to the poor kid.

It's a good hour or more that Norma stays crouched in a corner in the back of the bar, shaking and letting the tears dribble down her face before she gets a grip on herself and decides she has to come clean sooner or later. Her intent was to write a written message, but as she presses her pen to the paper and tries to write, all Norma can see are weird shapes and sqiggly lines before it blurs together into one big mess. She thinks nothing of it - just post draft nerves and her own mental instability - and instead takes a massive gulp of air and puts on her well-practiced mask of cheerfulness and indifference.]

Everyone, I'm back! Tell me some good news, too. I could use a serious pick-me-up.
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[Thank goodness for Sundays. Norma has the day off from work today and thus she's out and about getting a few things done for the day. The majority of her time is spent in the forest, trying to find Eferin or even Kippin if she's lucky (there's no way she's got enough time in a day to trek to the mountains to meet up with him). She's hoping to be able to hear Eferin's voice particularly well and learn from him fairly quickly, since she did kind of get possessed by him once during that weird Shift a while back... Though at the moment, finding the spirit has gotten a bit tricky.

She doesn't know how far into the forest she has to go, but Norma's no stranger to exploring. She's just hoping no one else is in the forest hearing her holler out and think she's some kind of loony.]

Jeez, it's gonna be midday before I even hear a whisper of that gasbag, isn't it? Oooh... [The things she does for some new eres spells.] Maybe I was better off trying to get on Miss Wishy-Washy's good side...

[With a sigh, Norma decides she's gone far enough and begins to head home. Only until she finally, finally, hears the familiar buzzing - though this one was more of a crackle and pop - of a spirit showing its presence. Was it because she was talking about learning from Sona instead? Was Eferin's pride really that big that he'd get offended and come out at the mention of Norma learning from her instead? That's kinda petty, but hey! If it works, it works!]

Took you long enough, sheesh! You're real lucky I didn't stomp around out here in a new pair of boots, mister! And I mean, come on! You get to use my body for whatever and then just up and puff out like that and I gotta find you?! How's that fir at all?! You better cough up a new eres spell real quick, y'know. Otherwise I'm gonna find a way to charge you money.

[Norma puts her hands on her hips, and the crackling noise in her ears gets a bit louder, but only just so. She continues to head back towards the village, just to be closer to civilization, and is glad to know the spirit's voice follows after her.]

Hey, don't complain! Just show me what you got and we'll call it even... I mean, a new eres spell'd be seriously awesome, but if you're gonna be picky, then at least give my existing fire-based eres some oomph, y'know? [She tilts her head to one side as the noise dies down to silence, then chews her lip. Hey hey, hey...! He better not have run off!] I don't mean right now, Effy, jeeez! You're more of a swindler than I used to be...
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[Was it New Feather season already? Sure she noticed the frequency of people coming into Luceti had changed in the past couple of months, but Norma's pretty sure it's still way too early, isn't it? It's not even the end of the month! And Norma's pretty sure the whole "wing thing" was pretty important, come a bunch of these idiots don't have them? Is this some kind of weird Shift thingy? Do the Malno-no's not slap wings on New Feathers now or something? Did another enclosure force its way into theirs again or something, WHAT EVEN IS HAPPENING?!

Please excuse Norma as she pushes and shoves her way through the dense crowd, grumbling and whining and cursing. The bar is going to be packed...she's going to be running around is circles trying to serve everyone... Maybe she should just not go? Nah, she'll endure it for as long as possible. Maybe she'll get lucky and some familiar faces will show up? If it is New Feather season (earlier than most times), there may be a chance to meet someone she

Though being at the bar will get way too hectic, and Norma will retreat to the library, beach, and deep into the forest respectively, to escape the crowd.]


[Okay, now this is just plain annoying. Perona can barely walk through Luceti proper, what will all these damn people now swarming every damn place she tries to get to. They're relentless, too! Like a swarm of bees! She can't walk a few steps without someone bumping into her, nearly knocking her hat off, or stepping on her dress. Eventually she gets so fed up, Perona starts to just float places, soaring for as long as she can in her physical form, a few feet over the heads of the crowd, a deep frown on her face. Ugh, so can she get anything done today with all these people around?!

And why the hell didn't they have wings like the rest of them?!]

This is absurd...! If this keeps up, I really won't have any reason to leave my home's too troublesome.

[HUFF, PUFF. Perona grumbles along, unhappily making her way throughout the village. She stops at the clothing store to change out her gown and into some long, black pants and nice, white long-sleeve shirt with lace around the cuffs, and a black vest. Her gown and hat goes into a bag, the latter replaced with a black and white bow. Her next stop is the bakery, though the crowd there pushes her out quickly... Finally, she ends her day at the library, and the ocean respectively, finding solace with the sound of the sea and a good book. If she can't find peace on the shore or docks, she may even spirit herself away pun intended onto one of the ships in the harbor to just get away from everyone.]


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[It must not have hit Norma until now, not really. As she sits on her bed after a long day of work at Good Spirits, she holds her gifts on her lap, left by Marco when he left Luceti some time ago - his anklet and the orange alternate of Ace's hat (she has the black one he left her when he left). She doesn't even know how long it's been now, the days seemed to pass by in a foggy kind of blur, but now as she stares down into her lap, fingers running over the beads on the lining of the hat, and the delicateness of the anklet, it's hitting her.

They're both gone now. The two people she considered to be her big brothers are both gone. One completely, and the other...she can only guess, really, what will become of him.

Tears well up in Norma's eyes and she very quickly goes to her door and shuts it, to keep any and all of her housemates from coming in and seeing her like this. Her lower lip quivers, and she looks back at the trinkets left behind for her. In that moment, she's filled with a burning, raging, fiery anger. Gasping for breath, and scrubbing at her eyes desperately, Norma stomps to her bed and smacks both hats off her bed, throwing the anklet to the floor quickly after. She doesn't stop there, either - grabbing her pillows, Norma flings them off her bed as well, one by one. Her stuffed toys follow, then her journal, thrown hard against the wall - thunk.

All the while, Norma gasps and wheezes, biting her lip to keep from making too much noise. She doesn't want anyone to come knocking and asking what's wrong, and she doesn't want anyone to try and make her feel better, either. In all actuality, she wants to be upset, she wants to be mad, and she doesn't want people telling her it'll be better and to just be happy anymore. She's been smiling for way too long, and right now she just wants to be upset and hate everything and everyone.

Standing in the middle of her room, huffing and puffing with her hands over her mouth, Norma shakes and wobbles and cries, beating her fists on her bed and kicking the frame of it. Again, another thunk. The pain doesn't even register in her rush of emotions, and she girl finally whines feebly as the anger dies down and she's filled with nothing but an emptiness and great exhaustion. Coughing, she picks up her things again and rearranges them with shaking hands, picking up Ace's hats and Marco's anklet with more care.

Sniffling, Norma pocket's the anklet and puts on the orange hat, throwing on her coat and boots. She begins shoving some clothes into her bag as well - three days' worth should be good - then opens her window wide and clambers out. Where is she going? Where else - the rooftop of the former Community House 3, where a pirate flag still waves in the wind. The walk there feels like forever, even if it's only a few minutes away. With how heavy and stiff she feels, Norma doesn't know how time is even working right now. It could stop entirely and she wouldn't know the difference.

She sits down in front of it and just stares at the mark for a while, until the cold and numbness of her toes and fingers becomes too unbearable. She heads back inside, but only gets as far as the first few steps back inside from the roof, sitting down and catching her breath. Man, she just does not have any energy for anything right now. Gathering up the last of it, Norma exhales and writes a message to the masses at large.]

If anyone knew him, Marco the Phoenix went back home where he belongs. I don't know if he left anyone anything, but I'll check his room when I can.

For you guys at the bar, I'm not gonna be coming in for a while. Sorry. Get someone else to cover my shift.

[Filtered to House 34]

I won't be coming home tonight. Maybe not the next night, either. I just want to be by myself for a while, okay? Really. It'll just be a few days. Promise.

[The last part is quickly scribbled out. Norma's really not sure if she can keep that promise. She doesn't know how long it will take for her to not want to lash out at anyone.]
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[It's coming. Norma knows it's coming, it's been in the air for weeks now, lingering in the back of her mind like a dark and villainous shadow, a ghost cackling in the depths of her soul - old, cruel, and wicked...just like it. The worst thing of all is that it can't be avoided, no matter what she does, no matter how hard she tries...

Winter is coming.

Heck, it's almost here already! The very thought makes her shiver, and she pulls up her journal to try and ease her mind. Honestly, the wood stove in her technologically downgraded house (THANKS A LOT FOR THAT BY THE WAY, HOUSE MATES) doesn't exactly cut it all the time, and she can't hole herself up in front of it in her blanket cocoon like she did one time... No, she doesn't want to be tripped over again and be roused from a nap. No, what she needs is advice.]

...So. Winter. [Her sour looking face says it all.] How do you all even deal with it, y'know? I mean, how do you bear that level of frosty, slushy, freezy, yucky BLECH-ness of it? I don't think I can just hide in my bed all winter, though it's been a tempting thought. Hibernation or whatever it's called... And as much as I love soft, fuzzy coat and sweaters and stuff, they kiiiinda don't really do much in the ways of free movement. Oh, and a diet of hot cocoa won't do well for my, aaah, girlish figure~! I'd like to keep my lovely ladiness, thanks.

[Later on in the day, Norma's at the clothing store, looking at a few of the costumes that popped up on hangers, shelves, and the like. Huh...oh, right! That costume holiday thing's coming up too, isn't it? Yeesh, she's gotta start being on the lookout for the ever prevalent Luceti weirdness, then, wonderful. Maybe she'll just wear one of her jackets from forever ago - the Kaka one she got from Tao was a favorite of hers...

But these costumes all look cute and fun, too! And oh maaaan, she could actually dress up like a real princess or something this time around! Snag a tiara, some jewelry, and maybe even get her hair and make-up done by someone good at it. Oooh, maybe she should do that.

...But that spooky looking costume over there looks neat, too. Uuugh, why does dressing up have to be such a struggle?! Hopefully no one's around to watch her make faces in the mirror as she holds up different costume to her body and puzzle over which one she likes better.]
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[It's been a pretty weird few days, ever since tht stupid experiment. Norma hasn't really been keeping to the house, even with the more friendly members back from being babysat or on a joint mission or whatever. Of course she tries to be around for Sophie whenever she needs to be watched, but any time she has to get away, Norma take the opportunity to do just that. She's been trying to commune with the filial spirits lately, and today she's at the ocean again - it's far enough from her house and far enough away from distractions. Plus, it's nice here.

Norma exhales, long and slowly, and squishes her toes in the wet sand as the waves lap against her ankles. She can feel the water pulling at her heels, and pushing her back with each surge - the air smells nice, and she remembers the scent fondly. Melfes is a planet mostly dominated by water, after all. A calm water, and a raging one.

She's not really mindful of her surroundings, trying to focus mainly on the water and the atmosphere around her. That, and trying to locate the familiar buzzing she always hears in her head, and that feeling of presence of another entity - a filial spirit.]

Mmm...c'mon. I know you're not Nessy, but you're there. I can feel it. So show up already! Isn't it enough that I wanna learn something? Jeez, you're pretty picky. [She inhales again, then pushes forward a step into the water.] Zeleres - new magic. I wanna learn new magic, so hit me with your best shot! If you think I'm not up to the challenge, then chew on this - Nessy gave me and my friends sacred eres! And we're people of the land. So come on, So-Noisy, teach me something alrea--whoa!

[A light begins to shine, from the tips of her fingers, and Norma clenches her fists, pumping one into the air.] Finally! Jeez, it took you long enough to gimme a bit of a boost! Let's see what I get! Yeaaah!


[...Yeah, anyone watching or expecting a big, super awesome, cool water move is going to be rather disappointed. A spot in the sea gurgles and bubbles like a frothing mess, as it if were preparing to surge up or something, but quickly fizzles out. Seems like Norma's going to need more practice, but at least she's got Sona's attention, and her help. Though she was kinda expecting...well, easy street. Nessy's gift didn't require anything other than execution. Maybe that made her a bit spoiled. Either way, she's none to happy.]

That's it?! Oooh, come on, that was pathetic!! You only taught me how to blow bubbles and I can already do that without your help! Jeez, you're a pretty crummy water spirit, that's for sure! Hey!

[Seems she pissed off Sona, because a rogue wave just smacked her right in the legs, getting most of her lower body wet. Lovely.]
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[It's a pretty ordinary day as ordinary days go. The weather's nice - sunny, warm, a calm wind...a very ordinary day indeed. And Norma is soaking up the peace and quiet in as much as she can. Dressed down in some dark skinny jeans (which she has learned as super freaking comfy) and a ruffly yellow top, she's laying on the grass by the bank of the southern lake. Usually, she'd be basking like this at the ocean, but that was just too far away this time, and she's feeling kind of lazy. Even the energetic ones have to buckle down and take a break to just relax once in a while.

She has a certain someone's hat (in black!) covering her face to keep off the sun and the insects that seem to be buzzing to life. The only bad thing about the springtime according to Norma. But, thankfully, not very many were out even now. She sighs under the hat crosses her hands behind her head to catch up on one hell of a nap.

...Until she hears a very peculiar buzzing in her ear. Thinking it to be a bug of some sort, she absently swats her hand at the sound, but it doesn't go away on little bit. It persists, and Norma frowns, using both hands now to swat the unyielding creature. Finally, she gets fed up and sits straight up, the hat flopping into her lap.]

OOOH, WILL YOU SHUT UP?! Some of us wanna take a nap in the sunshine, jeez!

[Yeah, that's all fine and dandy, miss, but there's not a damn thing around to be seen. In fact, the peculiar noise seems to be coming not from the flora or fauna, but from the lakefront. The water seems to be beckoning. Noisily. Or at least that's what it...seems like. Norma can't quite make out what the voice(?) really wants. If you could even call it a voice - kinda just an annoying noise.]

...Nessy? [No, no, can't be. Nerifes was back on her world, obviously. But wait, maybe it was one of those spirit thingies she heard about? Well, if that's right, then--] Jeez! It's about time! You're the water do-hickey person, right? I've been trying to get a hold of you for ever and you just wake me up like that?! Well, maybe I don't wanna talk anymore, how 'bout that? Not unless you got something good to say - or teach me or whatever. I could do with some water based eres under my belt.

[Later, after she's had her quip with Sona (who Norma's happily nicknamed So-Noisy),she opens her journal up as she dips her feet into the water of the lake.]

Uh, I don't usually ask for pointers on ere--uh, I mean...magic, but anyone who knows some good water spells or something, think you could give me a hand? I'm preeetty good with my elemental-based crystal eres, but I still don't know water, wind, and light. And just a little electricity.

I guess what I'm asking is if anyone's got magical talent, pipe up now, cuz I wanna learn more of it! Especially the ones I don't know! Oh, and I guess I could return the favor, too. I mean, if you wanna know some of what I know, I could give it a shot myself. Name's Norma by the way, for anyone who just got dumped here. Norma Beatty, expert treasure hunter and skilled eren in all aspects of offense, defense, and healing crystal eres, ta-daaah~!

And I'm cute, too. [Wink. ♥]
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[Well, it sure was nice of the Malnosso to drop Norma off in bed after her mission - even if the spare clothes she brought, grimy and caked with filth and blood that wasn't her own (gotta love being on medical duty, yupyup), were very probably messing up the bed she was on. Sadly, however, the bed she was in was not her own, nor was it covered in any sort of linens, pillows, or blankets. In fact, it was barren, much like the room and house she was in. An empty house, perhaps once occupied, but now abandoned.

Maybe that's why she woke up curled in a tight ball, shivering and grinding her teeth together. Fuck everything. Fuck. Everything.]

I-I do those jo-jokers a f-f-favor and this...this is wh-what I g-g-get?! Can't b-believe--! [She sits bolt upright on the stiff mattress, hugging her arms and rubbing them up and down. It's a stark contrast coming from a jungle to the chilly weather of Luceti's night-time winter.] Never gonna do th-that again if...oooh! Why can't I ever catch a break?! Why?! I do nice things! I'm a good person! Why am I the one that always gets the short end of the stick every time?! OOOOOH!

[Norma slams her fists down on the mattress, hard, and her journal bounces. Hah...right. Of course it's there. It's always there. She gives it a dead look, like it just insulted her deeply, then picked it up and peers down into it.]

Yo. I'm back. And I'm going to take the longest shower in history if the pipes in this rustbucket still carry hot water. [She grunts, then sifts through her bag, tearing out her other clothes and pressing them to her face. ...Yeah, no.] I need a towel and a spare set of clothes. ...And cocoa. Or coffee. Maybe soup.

...Something hot. Anything.

[She rubs her face. She's probably filthy, and just got her face filthier, but she just doesn't care. She is so done with everything right now. She's tired, she's grumpy, she's cold--]

I'll get back to you on just where the heck I am. It's a house, for the record.
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[It's early. Too early. Norma groans as the sunlight from outside hits her smack in the face, and she squeezes her eyes shut as she curls up in her bed, putting a pillow over her head to block the light. yet! Go away, sun, she still wants to sleep in for a few more hours! It's too early to get up on a Saturday morning. Yet, even at Norma's best, she cannot beat the blazing sun and grunts as she sits up in bed, grumbling and flinging the blankets off herself. Unknown to the young teenager, she actually left her journal on her bed last night, and the action of swinging her sheets off knocks the journal against the wall, having it fall open and immediately start recording. It's a shame she's still half asleep right now, too, otherwise she would have actually noticed that happening. Oh well.

Norma sniffs, climbing out of bed and scratching her untidy bedhead, looking properly frazzled after a long, wondrous night of sleep. If only she could still be within its majestic arms... Whatever, maybe she'll take a nap today, after lunch or something. As she contemplates such things, and heads toward the bathroom to wash up, she stops in front of her mirror, staring at her reflection.]

Mmh... [Shifting positions, Norma raises a brow and puffs out her lower lip.] Huuh...oooh... [And after taking a step closer to the mirror, she smooths down the front of her shirt, running her hands over her chest, watching her reflection and how her little breasts just barely peek out from the tightened material. Norma sighs, then lets the shirt go and grumbles angrily.]

Another year...and no progress at all. Come on, you guys! We're gonna have some serious issues here pretty soon. I mean, I feed you, I water you, I'm even talking to you right now! The least you could give me back is a few inches! I'm not talking G-Girl level, but get real! This [Yeah, she's pretty much grabbing her boobs right now, glaring at her reflection.] is not okay. You guys gotta get a move on, I mean it. I'm not gonna wait around forever. You've got til next year to grow at least three inches, got it? Three inches or we're over.
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[Morning, Luceti. It's still early, isn't it? Some of you are surely still sleeping in. Norma here sure as hell in sleeping in, oh yes she is. Sleeping in your bathtub, that is. In possibly the most hilariously uncomfortable position as well, so do be aware of that. She's snoozing away without a care in the world, looking pretty well for wear after her month long mallynap. Thinner and a bit pale and cold as well as having some raw wrists and ankles (gotta love those handcuffs), but not too bad looking. In fact, she looks downright peaceful, what with her easy breathing and slight, quiet snoring. Y'know...

In your tub.

Hope you weren't planning on a shower or bath this morning or anything, since she really has no inclination of waking up any time soon at all. Though, of course, any kinds of loud screams, shouts, or cold water pouring down on her is bound to get even the sleepiest Norma out of the tub, albeit with just as much loud screaming and flailing and possibly smacking her head onto something as well.

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[Hi, Luceti, there is a very angry treasure hunter leering down at her journal, occasionally looking at another large piece of paper in her other hand and scowling even more. Remind Norma to never, ever, complain about boredom around people again - especially very creative and somewhat crazy and extremely mean people. Yeah, you know who you are. Oh, and also remind her to also never ever accept a treasure hunt challenge from a pirate, either. It's a terrible idea and she's already about to tear the damn map up into very small piece and set them on fire. If she didn't promise to dye her own hair red if she couldn't find the promised treasure, there honestly wouldn't be anything stopping her from doing just that.

So yes, have a very lost, very miffed young lady standing out in the middle of the street and squinting her eyes at the map. Seriously, what the hell is this gibber-jabber? Relares was easier to translate than this crap! Marco, so help you god this better be worth it.]

What the heck does this even mean?! "A wave's distance on lan--"...I AM NOT OSTRICH LEAPING ANYWHERE!
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[How thoughtful of the Malnosso to dump her out in the rain. Really, it's not as if Norma wasn't cold and shivering enough already. She wakes up in...someplace - the plaza? - and holds her head with a loud but low pitched groan. Ugh...ugh, moving it felt like death. Hell, her entire body felt like death right now, and so help her once she got her hands on the stinking idiots that made her feel like this...ooooh! Ooh...ow. Better take a moment or two to breathe a bit.

Why was that such a laboring task? Breathing. Shouldn't be so difficult, that.

Norma groans again, and pants, putting a hand to her forehead. Not like she can tell if she's got a fever or anything right now, but it's the first thing she thinks of. That, and then getting a message out to her friends that she's back. It takes perhaps two minutes into writing and blotting up the pages with unintelligible scrawl that Norma gives up and switches to voice. Her voice is hoarse and low - and it sounds like she's fighting for air...which isn't exactly a lie.]

...Yo. M'back. [A cough - maybe two. No, three. Ow.] May take me a while...t'get back. Did...d-did I miss anything?

[Okay, wow, seriously? Talking is just as hard as writing, it seems, and both are giving her the migraine of the century. Norma keeps her journal open with her thumb as she pushes herself up onto her feet, only to come crashing down onto her knees a second later. Nice to meet you too, vertigo. Charmed. Really. Okay, once again...up! There we g--whoa! Ah...aha, okay. She's standing, at least. Now. Walking. ...Yep.

Anyone's welcome to see the bedraggled girl dragging herself through the plaza, taking every opportunity to stop and catch her breath, leaning heavily on any and all secure foundations at ever opportunity. She's wearing a New Feather dress, but it's caked in a scant few bloody patches, and her wrists are red and raw. But she barely cares about that. Haha, that's nothing compared to how terrible she feels on the inside.

Inside...she should probably get inside somewhere. Sounds like a good plan, yeah. The world just needs to stop spinning and dancing in front of her eyes long enough for Norma to pick a stinking direction.]
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[You know, aside from the ridiculous shift going on, Norma wasn't having too bad a day today. She woke up well rested in Marco's room (staying in House 34 during the insanity of this shift was not going to happen, much to the ruination of her plans to go back soon), bathed, dressed, and went about the day like she usually would. Norma was even starting to get used to the "new" people around Luceti, more or less. The weather was even nice for a stroll, too!

Of course, all good things must come to a quick and very painfully bad end.

On her way back to Ace and Marco's apartment with a few snacks, Norma's all but ambushed by the droids. Really? Sigh...and today was such a good day, too. She chucks her bag away after removing her bubble straw, the journal flopping out and catching the muffled audio of a scuffle.]

--uys really don't waste any time, huh? My turn, right? Jeez... Well, at least you jokers caught me in a good mood.

[The remaining "conversation" consists of the sounds of metal footsteps rushing forward, and the cry of spells being yelled out to and fro, a touch of grinding metal, crackling flames and lightning, a pinch of rumbling earth, and the eerie quiet that follows. She'll be back. Banged and bruised up, maybe, but Norma will be back.

Keep smiling, Luceti.]


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